Should I have a second shooter?

I’m often asked by my couples “do we really need two photographers for our wedding?”. I understand that finding the perfect photographer for your day is enough to work as it is. Before you bin the idea, please let me give you six reasons why I find the second shooter highly valuable.

Getting Ready

Do you love the idea of having your and your partner’s preparations captured in the morning? I know that usually, you will get ready in different locations just so your groom doesn’t take a sneak peek of you before you walk down the aisle. Unfortunately, I have not gained my licence for Apparition just yet, and as much as I would love to be in both of those places, it is merely impossible. The second photographer usually starts with the groom, capturing his preparations, details and everything that is happening at that moment; while I can entirely focus on the bride without having to look at the clock.


During the ceremony, I don’t like to move around. The vicar/ registrar usually find it very disturbing to them and also to your guests. It is your big day, and everyone’s eyes should be on the two of you.

I get so many requests from my brides asking if I can capture grooms impression when he first sees you. Of course, that is such a beautiful and emotional moment I wouldn’t want you to miss it! As the chief photographer, I’m usually at the front as this is where the majority of the magic happens. Place where you say, your I do’s and seal your marriage with a kiss. The second photographer is always at the back, which allows them to capture that first look, capture candids of your guests – some might share a tear, some will smile away. They also can move freely at the back; therefore, they can get different angles of you, your guests and readings.

Speedy Formals

If you have been a guest at a wedding, you must know how much time consuming formal photographs might be. I do try to explain to all of my couples to not go over 12 groups to avoid your guests waiting around. While I shoot a group from my cheat list, my second shooter, aka right hand, usually gets another group ready. This way, we are all set and prepared to shoot continuously, and instead of this taking an hour, we cut the time as much as possible. Remember, it adds up to your cocktail hour!

More candid snaps

I work in an as much natural way as possible. This is your day, and I want you to enjoy it to the fullest! When it comes to your drinks reception, I want to capture you and your guests in the most natural way. Together with my second shooter, we aim to photograph the most natural smiles and impressions, preserving the most valuable moments.

Two sets of hands – two sets of eyes

Let’s talk speeches! Your husband, father, best man wrote funny but beautiful speeches, thanking your mother, bridesmaids and the whole family for helping out. When working with the second shooter, I can relax and capture all your speakers and trust my right hand to photograph your guests. Their reactions to your stories, their laugh to your dad’s bad joke, tears of joy and cheeky toasts! If your wedding is more significant in numbers, you can not expect one tog (no matter how fast and talented) to snap every crucial moment happening in each corner of the room.

The different point of view

We are all used to what we do, have a safe way of doing certain things. As the primary photographer, I focus on getting the most important shots and sometimes because of the time scale and other factors; I don’t get to be as creative as I wish I were. The second shooter does really have the freedom to think outside the box. When we go out for your couple shoots, I will get you to pose in the way I know is beautiful and flattering. My right hand will top it up with a different angle sometimes creating a whole new look. The same goes at your ceremony, first dance or even the evening portraits. Seriously, you cannot lose!

Of course, don’t feel like you have to have a second shooter! This is only an option you might or might not consider. If you are having fewer guests, trying to keep your wedding day intimate, then having a second tog might feel like it’s too much. There is no right or wrong, but if you ask for my opinion – 2 photographers are the best way forward! Let’s double the trouble!!

Message me – promise I won’t bite.

2018 in a nutshell

Your Hertfordshire Wedding Photographer here!

I think I repeat myself year, after, year, after year but it is true. Us photographers have the most rewarding job ever! Each year is getting busier and meeting all those fantastic couples with unique plans and ideas couldn’t be more satisfying.

I have managed to photograph 36 weddings between March – December, visit bespoke places and document real love. There is no way I could even imagine doing anything else but this. Creating my 2018 in Flash slideshow was so severe as there were so many amazing moments, made it incredibly hard to pick just a limited amount of photographs.

“Life without love is like a tree without blossoms or fruit.”

I cannot thank enough every single couple who have booked me to photograph their wedding! It was an unbelievably marvellous year, hope that all the upcoming years will be just as fulfilling!

As a Hertfordshire wedding photographer, I did travel all over the county as well as the rest of the UK. And as much as I would love to pick my favourite places – it is not that easy! You can, however, keep your eyes on my blog! I always try to feature the witnessed love stories. Why don’t you check Laura and Tyron‘s wedding at the Warbrook House in Hampshire or Carly and Adam‘s day at Headstone Manor Gallery in Harrow?

I hope you are ready to check out my best moments of 2018, with your favourite drink in your hand. The slideshow you are about to see is reflecting on my clients and their personalities. Powerful, upbeat with a hint of rock! They were the real rock stars!

If you are stopping by because you are looking for a photographer to document your wedding then get in touch asap as my calendar is almost full for 2019. I do still have dates available for 2020 and starting to take bookings for 2021! Message me through my contact page of via the email below.

Milling Barn Wedding Kay Zieba Photography

Milling Barn Wedding in Autumn


Emma and Lee got married in October at the beautiful Milling Barn. It is one of the most beloved Hertfordshire Wedding venues – in Throcking, near Buntingford. They have planned to have this very relaxed reception with a great party in the evening.

Getting ready

I have met the girls in the morning at Milling Barn’s Bridal Suite in their full swing of getting ready. Emma was just having her make up done, and the girls were mingling about. Lee and this team got ready at Bell Bridge House. It was a relaxed morning for them too, and it was only 5 minutes away from their wedding venue.

The ceremony

Their ceremony at the Dairy Barn was beautiful and sweet. I loved all the little deco details from petals on the floor to the ivy and fairy lights on the wooden ceiling panels. During the service their little, Florence came to join them to make sure her parents do their part correctly. This was absolutely heart-melting. 

The reception

After the ceremony, we have welcomed the newlyweds with confetti showers. The reception took place inside the Milling Barn, decorated in a rustic style which is just perfect for the interiors. On the balcony, they also had colossal L O V E letters, it all looked and felt so romantic. After the meal, we sneaked for the golden hour warm lights portraits which was a fantastic call. We have managed to take stunning photographs which I think they will cherish for a long time.

During the speeches, everybody cried from laughter. Every single talk was so special and personal. The evening started with a round of shots for the guest, dreamy first dance and the bouquet toss.


If you are planning your Milling Barn Wedding then get in touch! I would love to hear the plans and ideas for your big day! 

A super cute Tewin Bury Farm Wedding


I was super excited when Steph and Matt have emailed me regarding their wedding at Tewin Bury Farm. They were after having a very relaxing day, surrounded by their best friends and family. Oh, and I was offered half of the cake, which I obviously couldn’t resist! (No cake got hurt – I promise!) 

Tewin Bury Farm Wedding Day

I’ve met Stephanie and the girls at Tewin Bury Farm just in time to capture all the pretty details and Steph getting ready. I was such a warm and beautiful day, just perfect for them. Her amazing bridesmaids helped Steph to put her stunning silver wedding dress on. Oh, It was just one of a kind! Once all dressed and ready, her two beautiful little boys popped by to say hello. Step’s dad then came over, perfectly timed to give his daughter away. 

The ceremony

They have opted for their ceremony to take place at Tewin Bury Farm’s Garden. It was a beautiful service with a heartwarming reading. They have also asked one of their sons to be their ring bearer – super cute if you ask me! After the ceremony, Steph and Matt walked down the aisle together followed by the bridal party and said their hello’s to everyone. Let’s also not forget the confetti magic! 

The reception

The wedding reception took place at the Stable Barn at Tewin Bury Farm, all decorated with personal photographs and gypsophila flowers and rustic ornaments. Steph and Matt have really made the barn look amazing and cosy, which was everything they have hoped for.

We have done all the formal (and not so formal) photos quickly to let Steph and Matt hang out with their guests and enjoy The music played by Bridge Strings.

Straight after everyone was called in to sit down, the guests have welcomed the newlyweds, and the speeches have started. All the funny stories which made everybody giggle a lot! After the meal, we have snacked out for couple portraits with just the two of them, but it wasn’t too long before the bridal crew found us and joined in! 

After we have got back, it was the time to cut the wedding cake and start off the party with Mr and Mrs Brynjolfsson First dance! The dance floor was on fire! 

Are you planning to get married at the Tewin Bury Farm? I would love to hear from you! Contact me today

Cotswolds wedding at Blackwell Grange – Daniella and Karl


When Daniella and Karl first got in touch with me about their Blackwell Grange wedding in Cotswolds, I was so excited – they had a vision for their big day to be relaxed and full of fun and games! They seemed like the loveliest people, and I couldn’t wait to shoot their wedding!

Getting ready

I rocked up at The Potting Shed at Blackwell Grange on the early morning of 25th July, where Daniella was getting prepared, and it was a real pleasure because everyone was in a good mood. Once she got ready, Daniella looked stunning and with remarkable hair and make-up looked almost like Daenerys from Games Of thrones! Karl and his crew decided to suit up at the comfort of Daniella and Karls brand new home, which was only a short drive away.

The ceremony

The wedding took place at Blackwell Grange, and it was such a romantic ceremony at their Thatch Barn. Daniella’s dad has walked her down the aisle with the veil over her face. It was a beautiful detail to go with her sequin dress. After the ceremony, they walked down the aisle together, and once they have left the barn, the confetti showers have taken place!

The reception

The wedding reception took place at the Orchard Barn at Blackwell Grange in Cotswolds, which they’d decorated with flowers and wooden ornaments. It was just pure beauty.
It was a beautifully sunny and warm day, which was everything the couple had wished for.

While the guests hung around drinking famous Pimm’s, we wandered around the venue doing fun and creative portraits. My favourite photo from our day portrait session is probably one in between the apple trees because is shows how perfect Daniella and Karl are for each other. During the golden hour, we have sneaked for those romantic and warm lights which the couple counted on!

During the reception, they had an amazing live guitarist singling all the great songs, and everyone loved them. After the meal there were a few speeches, then the couple had their first dance, and the DJ had kicked off the party.





Grooms outfit: Hammond and Co

Groomsmen outfit:


Cake: Rachel’s Cupcakes

Hair and Make-Up: 


I loved this Cotswolds wedding so much. If you’re getting married and looking for a Blackwell Grange wedding photographer, get in touch.

Love and fun at Colville Hall with Milena and Jonathan

Colville Hall wedding full of love and happiness

Milena and Jonathan chose to have a church ceremony followed by Colville Hall wedding reception in Essex. Now I know it took me a while to catch up on all the beautiful weddings I shot last year; however, they are all worth the wait. Trust me on this. From the very first time when I’ve met with Milena and Jonny, I knew it was going to be epic!

Milena was getting ready with all her bridal party in a country house 5 minutes away from the church they have chosen. There was not one excuse to be late for the ceremony. Her two-piece gown – Jasmine, Noya collection – was designed by Riki Dalal, was absolutely amazing! I personally couldn’t stop looking at it. It was beautifully complemented by her beautiful bouquet made with pale pink roses.

The Ceremony

It was the most beautiful and warm day in Chelmsford, and the church of St Mary’s C of E couldn’t look more appealing. Milena and Jonathan have picked the best place to seal their marriage. The ceremony was beautiful, Jonny seemed so happy when Milena walked down the aisle escorted by her mum, the bridesmaids, pageboy and flower girl. It started by lighting up a candle in the memory of Milena’s father, who was no longer with us. Milena’s mother surprised everyone by doing her reading in both English and Polish language! It just made it more and more personal.

Colville Hall

The bright styled barn was beautifully decorated with flowers and rustic elements which perfectly matched Milena and Jonathan’s wedding theme. The Colville hall is surrounded by acres of fields which I had to use for the couple portraits. We were lucky enough to catch the sunset light coming from between trees, that has created the beautiful warm feel in the images. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

The reception at Colville Hall went smooth with a prayer before the meal, beautiful speeches, both Milena and Jonathan could not stop laughing at everything the best man said. Milena’s mother has prepared her beautiful speech, telling us a story about how Milena has fallen in love with Jonny and how her 2-year stay in the UK had extended to a lifetime. The way she said it was so divine and carrying, you could quickly tell how much Milena means to her.

When the evening came, the cake was cut, and everyone has let their hair down. Friends of Milena and Jonathan gave them the best wedding gift of performing a live set and playing the best music the Collvile Hall has ever heard! It was an extra special treat for the newlyweds.

So, congratulations Milena and Jonathan. I hope you guys are still as crazy as when I have first met you!



Dress: Jasmine from Noya collection, Riki Dalal

Church: St Mary’s C of E Church

Reception Venue: Colville Hall