You’ve got the ring, so let’s do this thing

it’s time to plan your wedding!

With all the wonderful elements you’re planning and prepping, the day is guaranteed to be an incredibly special day for everyone there. This means making the decision on your wedding photographer is super important: who’s going to help immortalise those memories of a lifetime?

As well as someone who has a great eye for a shot, it’s crucial that your photographer cares about your wedding and making you feel comfortable on the day too, so you can be your authentic selves. That’s why I always take great pride in photographing the atmosphere and emotions of the day as they unfold, as well as all the incredible details you’ve worked so hard on. I want you to be able to relive your wedding day again and again, feeling every bit of joy and happiness and carrying this with you throughout your married lives together – that feeling is the reason I became a wedding photographer!

My aim is to capture the moment your mum helped do your final button up, the final hand squeeze your bridesmaid gave you when you get in the car, when your partner cried as you walked down the aisle, or when your dad said his hilarious dad-joke (and the monumental laughs he got for this, of course). Because of this, I always recommend having a photographer with you from getting ready in the morning until your party lights come up. Those moments are everywhere, and I’d love to capture them for you.

Please make sure to look at my latest highlight slideshow; I loved every single wedding and I cannot wait to see what next year will unfold!

If you are still in search of your wedding-photographer, please don’t hesitate to drop me a message.


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