Hey Lovebird


It’s lovely to meet you! I’m Kay, a Hertfordshire-based wedding photographer, cinema enthusiast, cat mother, and lover of love. I specialise in vibrant wedding photographer for modern couples, telling their story in all of its authentic and romantic glory.

My adoration for photography is probably genetic, as my granddad was totally passionate about cameras too. But don’t worry – this doesn’t mean that I spend wedding days setting up scary lighting rigs or shouting at people to be perfectly symmetrical. Instead, my enthusiasm for photography is precisely because I can capture the authentic, personal moments just as they are.


Sure, cameras are cool, but what’s really incredible is what goes on in front of the lens. The way you look at each other when you think no-one’s watching; the unspoken way you hold each other to let one another know that you’re there; the way you throw your head back to laugh with unbridled joy when you’re truly, 100% happy. Those tiny split-seconds add up to make a lifetime, and it’s my job (and my privilege) to immortalise these for the rest of it!

To do this, I relish taking the time to get to know you as a couple and identifying all those little bits that come together to make you perfect each for other. This means I won’t be a stranger creepily lurking in a corner either – I’m proud to call my couples my friends, allowing for truly authentic candid shots that take you straight back to the moment every time you look at them.


When I’m not telling the story of two happy people madly in love, you can usually find me at some kind of London-ified crazy mini golf or immersive cinema experience. Backyard cinemas, outdoor cinemas. Hot tub cinemas, you name it – and bonus points if they’re showing Marvel or DC films! I’m also the proud owner of 2 exceptionally fluffy, rather needy Maine Coon cats, who keep me company whilst editing all my beautiful galleries.

My involvement as a wedding photographer goes far beyond the wedding day itself – from the first email you send to long after your gorgeous album arrives at your doorstep, I’m committed to telling your authentic love story. Head here if you want to send that first email…