You did it! You declared your love for each other in front of your nearest and dearest; you drank lots of champagne; you laughed so hard you cried at your reception; you ate delicious food in a venue decorated to match your dreams (and it looked amazing, if I do say so myself); you danced the night away with your best friends, stopping only to eat some cake and then get back to it. And all of those beautiful memories live on forever in your photos, which is even better!

Whilst an online gallery is lovely, viewing your gorgeous photos and all of your glorious hard work on a small screen probably won’t do it all justice. Instead, I always recommend couples get a photo album too. Each wedding album is hand-crafted and bespoke, designed by me and featuring favourite photos chosen by you.

Wedding albums may seem outdated but I promise you, they’re not – you’ll be so pleased to have one. Being able to actually touch the photos brings the memories flooding back in a way that a computer screen can never quite convey, and it provides an ever-reliable backup if your computer suddenly quits on you. Plus, it’s great to get out at all your parties and gatherings – because let’s face it, people aren’t going to stop talking about your wedding any time soon!

Wedding albums grab attention just by sitting on the shelf and pleasing the eye while it is being browsed—and it will keep doing so for decades because its durability is astonishing. This is due to stiff, thick sheets of silk paper with interleaves. Thanks to them, memories will not lose shape & colour, and emotions will buzz like when we shot your wedding day!