The power of the Golden hour at Pre-Shoot in Portsmouth

Have you ever felt uncomfortable or nervous during a photoshoot? Jakub was defiantly not feeling this at start. He kept repeating himself : “Karolina, I absolutely dislike having my photos. I feel stiff and really outside my comfort zone!” I would then hear Marta politely telling him to just roll with it. I’m glad we got him loosened up, haha! I’ve met Marta and Jakub at Gunwharf Quays in Portsmouth. We took a stroll down the marina straight to the beach, where they love spending their time together. I thought this would be the perfect spot for their pre-shoot.

The day was perfect, warm, and most importantly, the sun treated us with an insane golden hour! We took a walk down the beach to begin our shoot. As soon as I saw Marta and Jakub giggling together, I knew we could go for more! I couldn’t resist but to take advantage of this beautiful light. And yes, I might have of a bit golden hour hype, but I cannot help it! The shoot was lovely, fun, and relaxed, but the real magic happened when they thought we finished. Little did they know! We were just on our way to get a coffee when we walked past some trees, and all I saw the sun flare. Marta and Jakub were in the best moods of all, trying piggy bags and just being silly. Pretty much what the pre-shoot should be.

I am absolutely thrilled to shoot their wedding in Poland later this year!

If you are planning a wedding or are interested in having your couple photos done anywhere in the United Kingdom or Europe, please do not hesitate to contact me. I am taking bookings for 2022 and still have limited dates available for 2021.

I look forward to hearing from you, Karolina x