Magical Proposal of Ziv and Shahar at Harry Potter London

The Story

Ziv and Shahar met quite some time ago, and it must have been faith. He was on his way to a restaurant when he saw Shahar doing her duties at a shoe shop. Ziv could not resist this beauty with long raven black hair and went to talk to her. Fast forward a couple of years, Ziv booked a trip away to London for a couple of surprises.

Travelled down from Israel, Ziv planned his trip from A to Z, including the time and place where he wanted to get down on one knee and ask his girlfriends a crucial question. He planned to see the Lion King musical, have a day trip in Oxford, eat at some good restaurants and propose a Harry Potter London Studios. Easy Peasy!

When he got in touch with me, he planned to explore the Harry Potter London Studios and propose almost at the end in The Bank under one middle chandler – perfect scenario, the room is bright and rich, an absolute winner!

The Day

On the day, we met inside the Harry Potter London Studios. Well, when I say we met – we have exchanged a nod with Ziv to acknowledge each other. I followed him and Shahar around the studios and looked at the inside of the privet drive house and new professor Sprout’s greenhouse as it was most recently open. Every time I get to visit, there is always something new there! Anyway! After so many turns and photo spots, we made it to the Gringotts Wizarding Bank! I gave them some space and asked other tourists to stay behind me for a minute to give Ziv some privacy. Shahar was amazed by the bank and utterly surprised when she turned around and saw Ziv on one knee with a ring that even Gringotts couldn’t handle in their vaults! She hugged him, kissed him and of course said yes!

When Ziv took Shahar for a weekend in London, I bet she didn’t expect to leave England with a ring on her finger! Does this sound and look like a perfect story to you? Are you planning to propose? I would love to be there for you 🙂

Engagement shoot locations

Engagement shoot locations

My favourite engagement shoot locations around Hertfordshire and beyond.

In my previous post, I talked about what an engagement/ pre-shot is and what to expect. Today I will be sharing some of my favourite locations around Hertfordshire. Spoiler alert! At the end of this post, you might find yourself in a car on your way to one of them. Don’t ever say I didn’t warn you!

Whether you would like to have a chilled and romantic stroll in the woods, explore beautiful gardens or enjoy cityscapes, I’m sure this will cater for all of those and beyond.

Stoke Poges memorial gardens

One of the most stunning parks on the border of Hertfordshire. The grounds are in full bloom from March, when the cherry trees bloom, to the end of May to see the purple wisteria. Stoke Poges memorial gardens feature water components, an extraordinary colonnade, rose garden, woodland, rock garden, etc. It also looks fabulous in the autumn with golden leaves falling from the trees.No doubt it is breathtaking, but you need to remember that if you would like it to be your engagement location, remember that there is a fee of £50 to be paid before our shoot, or we will be chucked out (literally!)

Hampstead Heath Pergola

Located on the outskirts of London and called London’s hidden treasure. Hampstead Heath is another of my to-go location for engagement, maternity or family shoots. It is equally beautiful all year round. In addition, on its doorstep, there is a woodland trail leading to the Golders Hill Park for a few more fantastic backgrounds!

Virginia Water

Very close to Stoke Poges, with huge grounds, a beautiful lake, and a little luck – fabulous golden hour! This is usually my to-go location because of the variety of backdrops. Also, every time I shoot there, there is always a new thing or two to explore there. This is definitely your spot if you would like to up your steps game for the day. Did i mention that four-legged furred friends are welcome there too? Doesn’t it sound like a win-win?

Your wedding venue

If you would like to do a trial run of photos at your wedding venue like Rachel and Alasdair have at Farnham Hall, an engagement shoot there is the perfect opportunity.

Ashridge Woods

This stunning location is a woodland area to explore. There are a lot of different entrances to the grounds, which offer different sceneries, making sure every shoot is as unique as you are. Apart from the infamous bluebells (blooming from April till May), there are beautiful fallen trees to climb on, hidden viewpoints and more. It’s a perfect location for an engagement and family shoot with or without your four-legged family member(s).

The city of London

If you are in love with the City and are an early bird, this one will be for you. London has a lot to offer with its landmarks and iconic buildings. Think of Big Ben, London Eye, stroll down the Thames with a couple of stops along the way. My only advice here will be to start early. London is a beautiful but busy city. To make the most out of it, be ready to start your day at sunrise.

Cassiobury Park

The most popular park in Watford, Hertfordshire, is also at my doorstep! Very convenient, I know, but that is not the only one of its advantages. There are many lovely open spaces with our infamous waterfall; it’s very close to the canals where we can grab a local coffee at one of the barks and escape to the connected Whippendell woods if it gets crazy busy!

I have shared my favourite engagement shoot locations but this doesn’t mean we cannot go on to a rapeseed or a wheat field. I am always open to suggestions because at the end of the day, I want you to feel comfortable during our time together.

Cambridge Cottage micro wedding at Kew Garden

Cambridge Cottage Kew Gardens

Jessica and Adam have made it official by having a Cambridge Cottage wedding in Kew Gardens! Before Covid-19, they had planned a massive wedding in Bath where we would party all night in 2020. After a few bumps and postponements along the way, they were finally able to plan a micro wedding in London. 

But why is Cambridge Cottage is perfect for weddings? The venue and its location speak for itself but let’s give it a quick think:

KEW GARDENS! – says it all!

You can have your summer Pimm’s on the lawn in the gardens.

You get a dedicated driver to drive you in a golf cart and take you to all the iconic spots for pictures.

While you have your portraits, your wedding guests can also explore the Kew Gardens.

You can choose to have your ceremony outside or inside. Remember, with the new regulations; you can have your civil ceremony anywhere outside, as long as your venue is a licensed wedding venue (how great is that!)

Cambridge Cottage can hold around 100 people for dinner and 150 for your party. However, if you plan a smaller wedding, this venue doesn’t feel overwhelming either.

Their catering is spot on!

The Micro Wedding

Jessica and Adam chose to have a legal ceremony in the gardens, taking full advantage of this glorious May weather. Adam could not believe his own eyes when Jessica walked down the aisle escorted by her dad! Their service and short and to the point. 

The reception at Cambridge Cottage happened in the gallery room. It was decorated with flowers and cream & blush details, which I loved. We drove all around the Kew Gardens for the couple’s portraits, including the iconic Palm House. It was a photographer’s dream to be surrounded by so many photogenic locations; it felt like time had stopped! Our driver was super awesome to drive us everywhere we desired, even with our tight schedule. 

After the delicious dinner and hilarious but emotional speeches, Jessica and Adam have cut their two-tier designer cake and ended the evening with their first dance. Guests could not resist themselves and have joined halfway through their song, making it the one to remember.

We booked Karolina as our wedding photographer at Cambridge Cottage Kew. Our wedding was supposed to be in 2020 but had to be postponed due to Covid. Karolina was very accommodating with our ever-changing date/plan/wedding location! Super friendly and makes you feel relaxed. I would 100% recommend

The Dream Team

Olivia Wedding Coordinator at Kew 
Hair and Makeup – Wedding Day MUA
Wedding Dress – Liri’s Melody Blush Ballgown @ What Alice Wore
Bride Shoes – Christian Louboutin
Bridesmaid Dresses – Motee Maids
Groom’s atelier – Ascot Taylors 
Groomsmen – moss bros
Florist – Floral Arch
Cake – cakes and leaves
Transport – wedding taxi
Stationery – loupaper

If you are planning a Cambridge Cottage wedding in Kew Gardens please do get in touch! I still have availability for 2023 and 2024 and I look forward to hearing from you.

8 ideas for your wedding dress after the big day!

You dreamt about it since you were little. You thought about it ever since you got engaged. You tried on so many before your wedding until you found the one. You looked absolutely stunning in it on your wedding day, but what’s next? I have a few ideas for you!

Choosing your wedding dress is one of the most crucial choices you will face when planning your wedding day. Everything needs to be perfect: the style, the colour, the train, details. But most importantly, you need to feel comfortable as a bride in it! Your guests will not be taking their eyes off you. They will be swept off their feet by its glory.

Sometime after the wedding, when all emotions settle, you will face the question: What do I do with this most beautiful gown I wore on my wedding day? It’s a dilemma every bride goes through, and I have a couple of propositions for you!

Sell it

This will be the very first thing that will come up to your mind. A wedding dress is indeed an expensive dress, and you might want to try and retrieve even a fraction of what you have paid for it. Many future brides do not have an extensive budget, and your beautiful wedding dress will be an enormous joy to them!

Alter it

Who said that you only have to wear it once? I’m sure your seamstresses will advise you on what you could do with it. Why not try and make a casual dress from it? Or maybe you are expecting a baby, and you could turn it into a christening dress for your little one. The ideas here are endless; you just have to brainstorm a little. You can even dye it. No hidden rules are saying you can’t do that.

Alter it to something different

Are you not feeling like turning it into something wearable? No problem! There are many different things you could alter your wedding dress. For example, you could change it into decorative pillowcases or other household items or accessories.

Donate it

Many organisations are helping people in difficult situations such as but not limited to terminal or life-shortening illnesses creating their dream wedding. turns donated wedding dresses into an outfit for babies born sleeping. Check out other charities:
If you know any other charities, please let me know, and I will happily add them to this list!

Could you keep it for your future generations?

Did you ever look back at your mothers or grandmom’s wedding photographs and think they were breathtaking? Did they look like something you would be thrilled to wear on your wedding day? You know, something old, something borrowed. When I look at my mom’s wedding dress, I think I would love to have it. Maybe not necessarily keep it in the same style, perhaps I would alter it a little to make it more me, but it would make my wedding day more memorable. Just give it a think!

Keep it as a souvenir

But how? Well, first of all, you need to get it cleaned first and preserved to remove party stains and smudges. Like mud from when you sacrificed yourself for that EPIC photograph or prosecco drops from when auntie Betty took a turn on the dancefloor without reading the ‘no drinks while dancing’ sign. It’s all okay; those stains will come off, don’t worry.

But how do I keep it as a souvenir, Kay? Some brides like to wear their wedding dresses on their wedding anniversary, but what else could you do? Turn it into something you will cherish every day! Have it professionally framed and hang it on your staircase just like a past bride of mine, Laura ( Laura And Tyrone’s Warbrook House Wedding ). I think it’s a brilliant idea and what a WOW thing to have displayed in your beautiful house! 

Have a post-wedding location photoshoot

Are you planning a honeymoon? Or maybe you are just heading somewhere hot or tropical for a holiday? Or perhaps you just didn’t have the time to take any couple portraits taken during your wedding day because it ran super fast, and you didn’t even realise it was already time for your first dance. Book yourself a photoshoot! Think about it as another beautiful opportunity to look glam and fabulous in it, whether it’s organised here in the UK at your wedding venue or somewhere else. Don’t limit yourself – Cotswolds, Bournemouth, Greece or Barbados. I will happily help you with them too!

Trash it!

No, no, no! I didn’t mean it like that, haha! Have you ever heard of a photoshoot called – Trash the dress?

By definition – “Trash the dress” photos are pictures taken after the wedding in which the bride essentially ruins her dress. It’s a great way to have one final creative photoshoot while wearing your gown.

So when you finally settle with the thoughts that your wedding day (days, weeks or even months down the line) is over, you might want to do something spontaneous! Imagine a wonderful and warm summer evening, sun setting on the horizon and you and your husband in your wedding atelier strolling on the beach. It’s all romantic and intimate until he picks you up and carries you further into the sea. The waves hit both of you, and you could not stop laughing because your hubby had just realised he didn’t bring spare pants! Or you would like to take it to an even messier scenario and have a Holi powder fight! Channel your inner artist and treat your husband like they’re your canvas. The result is wild and colourful!

I’d love to hear more from you! What did you do with your wedding dress? Or maybe you have some excellent idea that didn’t cross my mind? I’d love for you to share it!

Hemel Hempstead couple shoot

Hemel Hempstead couple shoot with Sophie & Bart + their puppy, Ludo!

Hey guys, I hope you are having a lovely Wednesday. My wedding season is currently in full bloom, and I absolutely love it! Today I have Sophie and Bart’s wedding on my editing screen, so I thought it is the perfect time to share pics from their engagement shoot!

Initially, we planned this beautiful and romantic set up with warm sunset and wheat fields, but then the “C” thing happened, and we were all told to keep it within our bubble for a while. A year later, we finally got to meet (together with baby Ludo who has absolutely stolen the show!) in their local park in Hemel Hempstead, ready to rock and roll.

We have walked and chatted for miles, discussing their wedding plans and details. They got me super excited for their big day! During their shoot, Sophie and Bart have practised their first dance – which was fab, but I’m not going to spoil it just yet! They have also been chasing each other down the hills and posed for the best pupmily photo ever. It was such a pleasant and relaxing evening. I didn’t want it to ever end.

Ludo has played the most significant part there. I’m not even kidding. She is the most photogenic and well-behaved puppy I have ever had the pleasure to work with. No wonder that half of my photographs were just of her (sorry guys!!). Suppose you are a dog owner and are planning your couple, engagement or family shoot. In that case, you are obligated to include your four-legged baby in your session!

At the very beginning of our shoot at this place in Hemel Hempstead (called Long Deans if anybody was wondering!) is full of dogs! All different kind, sizes and breads! If you are thinking of getting a dog but you are unsure of the bread and character, spend an afternoon there. You will literally fall in love. During this session I have absolutely fell in love with Cocapoo miniatures!

2021 is terrific -in a good way, and I couldn’t have wished for yet a better year. I still have limited availability from November onwards, so please get in touch if you plan an engagement shoot! I would be absolutely thrilled to hear from you 🙂

Lots of hugs and love x

Engagement session at Ashridge Forest

Explore bluebells in the pouring rain! 

Jessica and Adam have met through work. Adam was a firefighter at a station where Jess used to work as a paramedic. If this wasn’t faith, then please tell me what is!

When Adam got in touch with me, announcing his engagement, I couldn’t be happier for them both. They have been together for so long; it was about the time they have finally tied the knot.

We have not exactly been spoiled with the weather for these last couple of weeks. April was full of showers every other day, but it was about the time we have done their engagement shoot. This time we have met at the beautiful Ashridge Forest.

As soon as we have walked into the woodland, I have spotted gorgeous blue flowers, and it suddenly clicked – it’s bluebell season! The whole forest was literally covered in pretty little bluebells, and it was insane! We have walked through already made paths to use these as our backdrop. There is absolutely no need to destroy those fragile flowers. We wanted to respect nature as much as possible.

We couldn’t avoid all those slight showers that April had in the offer, but it was fine! Actually, we have made even better use of it! Instead of whining about how wet everything is, I have asked Jess and Adam to cuddle up under an umbrella, and I took this fab shot with a puddle reflection! That’s an A in creativity right there! Now I can’t wait to share your wedding day with you guys!

This year’s wedding season is super busy with all the 2020 postponements. I’m super happy to confirm I’m fully booked during the summer season but still have availability from November onwards. I am also taking bookings for 2022, so please get in touch! 🙂

Lots of hugs and love x

Wedding at Mansor Hotel , Poland


When Marta and Jakub first got in touch with me about their wedding, I was thrilled! They were planning such a fun hotel wedding with a church ceremony and evening games for the reception. Marta and Jakub are the loveliest people, I’m delighted to call my friends, and I couldn’t wait to shoot their wedding!

The excitement before the wedding

I started at Mansor hotel in a bridal suitcase, where Marta, her sister, and sister in law were getting ready together. It was so relaxed with chart music playing§ in the background, it everyone was in a good mood. Marta wore a strapless white A style dress, and Jakub wore a navy suit from Hugo Boss – they looked super dapper. When both of them were ready, they have met in Marta’s room, waiting for their parents to give them a blessing before they step into the church. It was super emotional for both the parents as well as the couple.

Getting hitched

The wedding ceremony took place at the church and parish of Saint Katarzyna in Warsaw. It is the oldest parish in the Mazowieckie region. The service was carried out by a priest who married Jakub’s parents and which I thought was just so touching and personal. During the vows, Marta couldn’t hold her emotions and cried her eyes out. After the ceremony, they were both greeted with confetti cannons, and then we travelled to the reception venue.

The afternoon

The wedding reception took place at the Mansor Hotel, a lovely venue on the outskirts of Warsaw. As we have arrived, Marta and Jakub got welcomed by their mothers with bread, salt and vodka, which is a traditional thing in Poland. Judging by the picture, I guess Marta will be the head of the house!

It was beautifully sunny and also an extremely hot day! While the guests enjoyed the cocktails, the couple mingled and laughed with their family and friends.

If you love Polish cuisine, then you would be in love! They have chosen traditional chicken soup and chicken kiev for the wedding breakfast, and it was gobbled down in seconds by everyone. If you have ever attended a Polish wedding, you know that many more dishes served throughout the night too! Afterwards, the couple cut the wedding cake, and the DJ played all the best songs to get everyone dancing. They also had evening games, which was a great laugh. Before the party was fully on, we also gathered everyone outside the venue and did sparklers!

What they said

“We can’t thank Karolina enough for her professionalism and involvement in making our day special. From the engagement session to the last minute of our wedding party, she had everything under control, making it a less stressful time for us. The fact that my husband, who doesn’t feel comfortable when being photographed, enjoyed every second of working with Karolina tells a lot. Both family and friends are super happy with the photos taken. The excellent mixture of artistic and “ordinary” photos makes it a special memory for us. We can strongly recommend Karolina and will be certainly using her services in the future.”

Are you currently planning a wedding and still looking for a wedding photographer? You have come to the right place! My wedding dates for 2022 are filling up fast so don’t hesitate to message me via my contact form for email me on . I look forward to hearing from you!

Golden Hour Pre-Shoot at Virginia Water with Hollie and Luke

Virginia Water Park Engagement Shoot with Hollie and Luke

Hollie and Luke have picked Virginia Water Park to have their engagement shoot at, and I couldn’t be happier for them! Virginia Water is one of the most extensive and most incredible parks around Windsor, with dozens of different excellent backgrounds for your photographs. It’s one of my favourite locations for an engagement shoot, and I always do a little jump inside me when someone mentions it!

Hollie and Luke were supposed to get married back in May 2020, but for, let’s say, obvious reasons, they have decided to postpone it to 2021 and then again to 2022. Unfortunately, the current circumstances have made them wait for two years to marry each other finally! To give them at least a touch of their wedding, we have planned their pre-shoot once the restrictions eased up a little and we could have met within a social distance.

The Engagement Shoot

When the day came, the sky was clear, and I was thrilled for them, knowing that the weather would definitely be in our court! We have strolled around Virginia Water, scouting for the best locations, but the best was left to the last! When we were about to finish and back by the lake, the sun just did its magic. The light was warm and soft, which is all I could have asked for!

Hollie and Ben are getting married in May 2022, and their wedding will be epic!

Fresh Wedding flowers or artificial?

Let's have the flower talk!

It must be one of the most crucial decisions you will make. Wedding flowers will be with you all day everywhere. You will find them in your very own wedding bouquet, with your bridesmaids, in buttonholes, dressing your ceremony venue, in your centrepieces. Literally everywhere! They will make a colossal difference to the look of your big day, but should you buy fresh or artificial?

Flowers by: The Flower Fairies

I am madly in love with flowers! My garden is blooming from spring till the end of autumn, and my office is full of plants plus occasional bouquets I pick from my local florist. I have always been a massive fan of real blossoms because of their appearance and the most fantastic scent, which fill my rooms for days!

Flowers are playing a significant part in wedding décor, and it’s simple to understand why. They’re attractive, colourful, romantic and luxurious. Fulfilling your venue with blooming decorations and holding an impressive wedding bouquet is definitely very high on your priority list. Have you considered whether you’ll choose fresh or artificial wedding flowers? If this decision is still unclear, here are the pros and cons of both that might help you make your final decision.

Fresh wedding flowers


  • the scent will fulfil the whole venue, making you think you are at your very own Kew Gardens 
  • They have their natural beauty. 
  • They can be arranged by yourself or by an experienced florist.
  • Real flowers are unique and delicate. 
  • You could even grow them yourself.


  • Florist can be expensive, but they know what they are doing. 
  • Some flowers only bloom at certain times of the year. 
  • They are fragile and may not last long, but you can dry them. 
  • Some flower types might be more expensive than others.

Fake wedding flowers


  • Your hayfever will not go crazy
  • There is a smaller chance that you will attract any flying insects 
  • You can plan and buy them well in advance as they will last you forever.
  • Depending on quality, they can be more affordable 
  •  You can use any flower kind at any time of year


  • They do not come with a unique fragrance. 
  • Buying online might be miss matching (we all have purchased that strange fitting dress on eBay at some point!) 
  • If you hire them, they might not necessarily be fresh looking. It will be a gamble. 
  • Colours may differ
  • They are not ECO. Most artificial flowers are made of plastic.

Can you see or feel the difference between real flowers and fake flowers? I would always go for the real thing; however, we are all individuals! If you were debating between these types, I hope I have made your decision easier! Could you share all your thoughts in the comments?


Lots of hugs and love,
Karolina x

Fanhams Hall Wedding with Scottish touch


Rachel and Alasdair got married at Fanhams Hall, a luxury venue in Ware, Hertfordshire, with outstanding gardens to explore and a Jacobean country house with traditional and more modern areas. It was the most beautiful wedding, and even the rain didn’t dampen the day!

The serious part

The ceremony was a legal ceremony at Farnham Hall’s stunning Long Gallery room. It was beautifully decorated with red carpet, rose petals and beige sashes on the chairs. During the ceremony, they had two great readings. One performed by Rachel’s sister and another by her best friend. It was such a personal service.

Why Fanhams Hall is a great place to get married

Fanhams Hall is perfect for anyone who loves the outdoors and is one of the best places to get married in Ware, Hertfordshire. The venue offers an onsite hotel, so guests don’t have to travel home. I absolutely adore this venue because it has so many fabulous opportunities for portraits. Weddings at Fanhams Hall are excellent because the surroundings are absolutely fantastic.

The afternoon

The reception was held in the stunning Great Hall at Fanhams Hall. They decorated the area with origami swans. They could have been found on every table used as a name card (how thoughtful!). They were also used as a backdrop behind the top table, which I loved.

The couple had planned giant garden games for the afternoon mingle. They kept everyone entertained throughout the drinks reception. After their wedding breakfast, it was time for speeches. Alasdair kept his short but excellent by saying how he and Rachel have met. And to make a change in the traditional speeches, Rachel also had a few words to say. In the evening DJ – Mike Readings kicked off the first dance with their favourite song, Shooting Star by Air Traffic. They finished off the evening with a ceilidh.

If you’re planning a wedding at Fanhams Hall, get in touch!

Dream team

Make-upBridal Make-up by Emma
Hair StylistHelen Barnes
Bridal BoutiqueEssex Bridal Outlet
Grooms OutfitHouston Kiltmakers
DJMike Readings
FloristThe Flowerpot
Video – Capital Brides
Cake – Charlotte Perkins