Getting ready

Laura got ready at Warbrook House with her friends, and the atmosphere was absolutely exciting. When her dad came t see her before the ceremony if was full of emotional weeps. Tyrone also got ready at the estate with his mates, trying so hard not to run into Laura.

The ceremony

The ceremony was a special occasion at the Canal View room at Warbrook House. It was a beautiful place, full of history and distinguished interiors! The couple wrote their vows making their ceremony even more intimate. Now, I don’t have those vows with me; however, when I heard them, I could tell that these two are best friends. Just like a two-piece puzzle, they complete each other!. It was so personal and inspiring. There was an ocean of emotions and waves of feelings throughout the entire day, but over in abundance, it was full of love.

The reception

Warbrook House couldn’t have supplied better weather for the day, filled with warmness and sun rays, excellent for an outdoor drink’s reception. Laura and Tyrone’s happiness was contagious, and the entire congregation were full of smiles and laughter. Their beautiful personalities made our couple portraits so easy and natural — a perfect couple from dusk until dawn. I loved shooting weddings at Warbrook House because of their sophisticated grounds and location. 

Their reception/ party rooms were decorated entirely with fairytale Disney details. The first dance was a good old traditional wedding shuffle followed by a father-daughter dance. 

When the day was coming to a close, it was finally time for the sparkly send-off. And they lived happily ever after! 

If you are planning a wedding at Warbrook house, contact me! I would love to hear about your plans and ideas.


Wedding venue: Warbrook House

The Dress: Diane Legrand supplied by Sophie Grace Bridal