You dreamt about it since you were little. You thought about it ever since you got engaged. You tried on so many before your wedding until you found the one. You looked absolutely stunning in it on your wedding day, but what’s next? I have a few ideas for you!

Choosing your wedding dress is one of the most crucial choices you will face when planning your wedding day. Everything needs to be perfect: the style, the colour, the train, details. But most importantly, you need to feel comfortable as a bride in it! Your guests will not be taking their eyes off you. They will be swept off their feet by its glory.

Sometime after the wedding, when all emotions settle, you will face the question: What do I do with this most beautiful gown I wore on my wedding day? It’s a dilemma every bride goes through, and I have a couple of propositions for you!

Sell it

This will be the very first thing that will come up to your mind. A wedding dress is indeed an expensive dress, and you might want to try and retrieve even a fraction of what you have paid for it. Many future brides do not have an extensive budget, and your beautiful wedding dress will be an enormous joy to them!

Alter it

Who said that you only have to wear it once? I’m sure your seamstresses will advise you on what you could do with it. Why not try and make a casual dress from it? Or maybe you are expecting a baby, and you could turn it into a christening dress for your little one. The ideas here are endless; you just have to brainstorm a little. You can even dye it. No hidden rules are saying you can’t do that.

Alter it to something different

Are you not feeling like turning it into something wearable? No problem! There are many different things you could alter your wedding dress. For example, you could change it into decorative pillowcases or other household items or accessories.

Donate it

Many organisations are helping people in difficult situations such as but not limited to terminal or life-shortening illnesses creating their dream wedding. turns donated wedding dresses into an outfit for babies born sleeping. Check out other charities:
If you know any other charities, please let me know, and I will happily add them to this list!

Could you keep it for your future generations?

Did you ever look back at your mothers or grandmom’s wedding photographs and think they were breathtaking? Did they look like something you would be thrilled to wear on your wedding day? You know, something old, something borrowed. When I look at my mom’s wedding dress, I think I would love to have it. Maybe not necessarily keep it in the same style, perhaps I would alter it a little to make it more me, but it would make my wedding day more memorable. Just give it a think!

Keep it as a souvenir

But how? Well, first of all, you need to get it cleaned first and preserved to remove party stains and smudges. Like mud from when you sacrificed yourself for that EPIC photograph or prosecco drops from when auntie Betty took a turn on the dancefloor without reading the ‘no drinks while dancing’ sign. It’s all okay; those stains will come off, don’t worry.

But how do I keep it as a souvenir, Kay? Some brides like to wear their wedding dresses on their wedding anniversary, but what else could you do? Turn it into something you will cherish every day! Have it professionally framed and hang it on your staircase just like a past bride of mine, Laura ( Laura And Tyrone’s Warbrook House Wedding ). I think it’s a brilliant idea and what a WOW thing to have displayed in your beautiful house! 

Have a post-wedding location photoshoot

Are you planning a honeymoon? Or maybe you are just heading somewhere hot or tropical for a holiday? Or perhaps you just didn’t have the time to take any couple portraits taken during your wedding day because it ran super fast, and you didn’t even realise it was already time for your first dance. Book yourself a photoshoot! Think about it as another beautiful opportunity to look glam and fabulous in it, whether it’s organised here in the UK at your wedding venue or somewhere else. Don’t limit yourself – Cotswolds, Bournemouth, Greece or Barbados. I will happily help you with them too!

Trash it!

No, no, no! I didn’t mean it like that, haha! Have you ever heard of a photoshoot called – Trash the dress?

By definition – “Trash the dress” photos are pictures taken after the wedding in which the bride essentially ruins her dress. It’s a great way to have one final creative photoshoot while wearing your gown.

So when you finally settle with the thoughts that your wedding day (days, weeks or even months down the line) is over, you might want to do something spontaneous! Imagine a wonderful and warm summer evening, sun setting on the horizon and you and your husband in your wedding atelier strolling on the beach. It’s all romantic and intimate until he picks you up and carries you further into the sea. The waves hit both of you, and you could not stop laughing because your hubby had just realised he didn’t bring spare pants! Or you would like to take it to an even messier scenario and have a Holi powder fight! Channel your inner artist and treat your husband like they’re your canvas. The result is wild and colourful!

I’d love to hear more from you! What did you do with your wedding dress? Or maybe you have some excellent idea that didn’t cross my mind? I’d love for you to share it!