I’m often asked by my couples “do we really need two photographers for our wedding?”. I understand that finding the perfect photographer for your day is enough to work as it is. Before you bin the idea, please let me give you six reasons why I find the second shooter highly valuable.

Getting Ready

Do you love the idea of having your and your partner’s preparations captured in the morning? I know that usually, you will get ready in different locations just so your groom doesn’t take a sneak peek of you before you walk down the aisle. Unfortunately, I have not gained my licence for Apparition just yet, and as much as I would love to be in both of those places, it is merely impossible. The second photographer usually starts with the groom, capturing his preparations, details and everything that is happening at that moment; while I can entirely focus on the bride without having to look at the clock.


During the ceremony, I don’t like to move around. The vicar/ registrar usually find it very disturbing to them and also to your guests. It is your big day, and everyone’s eyes should be on the two of you.

I get so many requests from my brides asking if I can capture grooms impression when he first sees you. Of course, that is such a beautiful and emotional moment I wouldn’t want you to miss it! As the chief photographer, I’m usually at the front as this is where the majority of the magic happens. Place where you say, your I do’s and seal your marriage with a kiss. The second photographer is always at the back, which allows them to capture that first look, capture candids of your guests – some might share a tear, some will smile away. They also can move freely at the back; therefore, they can get different angles of you, your guests and readings.

Speedy Formals

If you have been a guest at a wedding, you must know how much time consuming formal photographs might be. I do try to explain to all of my couples to not go over 12 groups to avoid your guests waiting around. While I shoot a group from my cheat list, my second shooter, aka right hand, usually gets another group ready. This way, we are all set and prepared to shoot continuously, and instead of this taking an hour, we cut the time as much as possible. Remember, it adds up to your cocktail hour!

More candid snaps

I work in an as much natural way as possible. This is your day, and I want you to enjoy it to the fullest! When it comes to your drinks reception, I want to capture you and your guests in the most natural way. Together with my second shooter, we aim to photograph the most natural smiles and impressions, preserving the most valuable moments.

Two sets of hands – two sets of eyes

Let’s talk speeches! Your husband, father, best man wrote funny but beautiful speeches, thanking your mother, bridesmaids and the whole family for helping out. When working with the second shooter, I can relax and capture all your speakers and trust my right hand to photograph your guests. Their reactions to your stories, their laugh to your dad’s bad joke, tears of joy and cheeky toasts! If your wedding is more significant in numbers, you can not expect one tog (no matter how fast and talented) to snap every crucial moment happening in each corner of the room.

The different point of view

We are all used to what we do, have a safe way of doing certain things. As the primary photographer, I focus on getting the most important shots and sometimes because of the time scale and other factors; I don’t get to be as creative as I wish I were. The second shooter does really have the freedom to think outside the box. When we go out for your couple shoots, I will get you to pose in the way I know is beautiful and flattering. My right hand will top it up with a different angle sometimes creating a whole new look. The same goes at your ceremony, first dance or even the evening portraits. Seriously, you cannot lose!

Of course, don’t feel like you have to have a second shooter! This is only an option you might or might not consider. If you are having fewer guests, trying to keep your wedding day intimate, then having a second tog might feel like it’s too much. There is no right or wrong, but if you ask for my opinion – 2 photographers are the best way forward! Let’s double the trouble!!

Message me – promise I won’t bite.