Let's have the flower talk!

It must be one of the most crucial decisions you will make. Wedding flowers will be with you all day everywhere. You will find them in your very own wedding bouquet, with your bridesmaids, in buttonholes, dressing your ceremony venue, in your centrepieces. Literally everywhere! They will make a colossal difference to the look of your big day, but should you buy fresh or artificial?

Flowers by: The Flower Fairies

I am madly in love with flowers! My garden is blooming from spring till the end of autumn, and my office is full of plants plus occasional bouquets I pick from my local florist. I have always been a massive fan of real blossoms because of their appearance and the most fantastic scent, which fill my rooms for days!

Flowers are playing a significant part in wedding décor, and it’s simple to understand why. They’re attractive, colourful, romantic and luxurious. Fulfilling your venue with blooming decorations and holding an impressive wedding bouquet is definitely very high on your priority list. Have you considered whether you’ll choose fresh or artificial wedding flowers? If this decision is still unclear, here are the pros and cons of both that might help you make your final decision.

Fresh wedding flowers


  • the scent will fulfil the whole venue, making you think you are at your very own Kew Gardens 
  • They have their natural beauty. 
  • They can be arranged by yourself or by an experienced florist.
  • Real flowers are unique and delicate. 
  • You could even grow them yourself.


  • Florist can be expensive, but they know what they are doing. 
  • Some flowers only bloom at certain times of the year. 
  • They are fragile and may not last long, but you can dry them. 
  • Some flower types might be more expensive than others.
Fake wedding flowers


  • Your hayfever will not go crazy
  • There is a smaller chance that you will attract any flying insects 
  • You can plan and buy them well in advance as they will last you forever.
  • Depending on quality, they can be more affordable 
  •  You can use any flower kind at any time of year


  • They do not come with a unique fragrance. 
  • Buying online might be miss matching (we all have purchased that strange fitting dress on eBay at some point!) 
  • If you hire them, they might not necessarily be fresh looking. It will be a gamble. 
  • Colours may differ
  • They are not ECO. Most artificial flowers are made of plastic.

Can you see or feel the difference between real flowers and fake flowers? I would always go for the real thing; however, we are all individuals! If you were debating between these types, I hope I have made your decision easier! Could you share all your thoughts in the comments?


Lots of hugs and love,
Karolina x