Magical Proposal of Ziv and Shahar at Harry Potter London

The Story

Ziv and Shahar met quite some time ago, and it must have been faith. He was on his way to a restaurant when he saw Shahar doing her duties at a shoe shop. Ziv could not resist this beauty with long raven black hair and went to talk to her. Fast forward a couple of years, Ziv booked a trip away to London for a couple of surprises.

Travelled down from Israel, Ziv planned his trip from A to Z, including the time and place where he wanted to get down on one knee and ask his girlfriends a crucial question. He planned to see the Lion King musical, have a day trip in Oxford, eat at some good restaurants and propose a Harry Potter London Studios. Easy Peasy!

When he got in touch with me, he planned to explore the Harry Potter London Studios and propose almost at the end in The Bank under one middle chandler – perfect scenario, the room is bright and rich, an absolute winner!

The Day

On the day, we met inside the Harry Potter London Studios. Well, when I say we met – we have exchanged a nod with Ziv to acknowledge each other. I followed him and Shahar around the studios and looked at the inside of the privet drive house and new professor Sprout’s greenhouse as it was most recently open. Every time I get to visit, there is always something new there! Anyway! After so many turns and photo spots, we made it to the Gringotts Wizarding Bank! I gave them some space and asked other tourists to stay behind me for a minute to give Ziv some privacy. Shahar was amazed by the bank and utterly surprised when she turned around and saw Ziv on one knee with a ring that even Gringotts couldn’t handle in their vaults! She hugged him, kissed him and of course said yes!

When Ziv took Shahar for a weekend in London, I bet she didn’t expect to leave England with a ring on her finger! Does this sound and look like a perfect story to you? Are you planning to propose? I would love to be there for you 🙂