I love my little trips to London, and I’m always excited to receive bookings in the heart of England, especially when it is a surprise proposal in London.

I’ve met Ash at the beginning of July to discuss an engagement shoot, but it wasn’t until he sat at my coffee table when he told me he was going to propose! Imagine my surprise! I could literately not hold my excitement in place. After he has told me a little more details, we were then ready for the big surprise.

It was a beautiful warm day, and I was so thrilled! To make my appearance slightly less visible, I took my friend Jasper for a fake date – he is still picking on me because I couldn’t get a real one haha! Everything has started at The London Helicopter where Ash took Jinnel for a half an hour tour around London.

But this wasn’t a chill time for us! Ash has texted me asking if I could get him a most beautiful bouquet possible. So there was me and Jasper wondering around Battersea trying to find a florist. Despite asking google for help, it’s first two options were no help; shops were either closed or non-existent. We’ve put our hopes on the third one called Battersea Flower Station, and it was a spot on! Lovely florist knew precisely what I was after and created the most exquisite rosy bouquet my have seen.

We headed back to Crowne Plaza next to the Heliport, where they had booked a table for lunch. Jasper and I took the table near them to see be able to spy on their progress. After a delicious meal and a G&T, it was the proposal time! I made my way to the balcony where their table was. They were surrounded by stunning views (or at least that’s what Jinnel thought). Few minutes later Ash came over with the rosy bouquet ready to get down on one knee. His proposal was so sweet I couldn’t resist but share a tear or two.

She said, yes!

Planning your own marriage proposal in London? I would love to hear from you and discuss your plans!