The best thing to hold in life is each other – surprise engagement!

I love all the good things that happen in life unexpected. Nish has said to me that she did not expect this evening to end the way it did! At all! Wedding planner Lucie Ann and Wa Carr & Son helped Akshay transfer his ideas into the real-life plan. Akshay had this image in this mind where he proposes at this family home in the back garden. It would be full of fairy lights, and they would be sipping champagne celebrating their engagement. To make this plus more, Wa Carr & Son have provided them stunning 4ft letters in the garden saying “Marry me”, filled the back yard with fairy lights and helped decor the inside, just if the weather does its own thing.

Marry  Me

I think it was just my luck to have a rainy evening at the end of August. Never the less it was still warm and charing. Because Akshay was a tiny bit nervous (we all knew she would say yes!!), he asked me to wait outside until after he pops the question. As I have walked back to the house, all I saw was the two happiest faces on the planet and one very sparkly ring on a finger! SHE SAID YES!! I couldn’t be happier for them. We took a few snaps inside where Akshay got down on his knee again and posed the engagement, but I felt like we could do more. I have asked the lovebirds if they were bold enough to brave the weather for a couple of shots outside. Of course, they were more than happy to immortalize this extraordinary moment. I’m super glad they did because the images we got outside were INCREDIBLE!

To top this exceptional evening, after I came home, I found out that I have achieved the National Highly Commended Wedding Photographer Award 2020 from The Wedding Business Awards. All I can say is that this evening was super fun and phenomenal!

My diary is getting super busy for 2021 with limited availability, and I am also taking bookings for 2022. If you are planning a wedding or looking for a photographer who will make ninja moves during your engagement photos, please do not hesitate to contact me. Karolina x